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Jits Magazine BJJ Rankings Rules, Guidelines, and FAQs

Weight Classes

The weight classes in the Jits Magazine BJJ Rankings are designed to appropriately cover every single promotion without any favor towards one or the other, and each one has a 1lb weight allowance to account for any minor discrepancy. Any matches won in a specific weight class not listed below will be allocated to the next highest weight class e.g. wins for male no gi competitors at featherweight (148.8lbs) for IBJJF rules, under 66kg (145.5lbs) for ADCC rules, and under 65kg (143.3lbs) for ADCC Open Rules will all be allocated to the Lightweight – 148lbs division below.

Openweight Matches

Openweight or absolute division matches are not considered to take place under any weight class in the Jits Magazine BJJ ranking system. They will have no effect on a competitor’s ranking anywhere other than on the Pound for Pound rankings. The only exception will be if two competitors under the same weight class happen to meet in an openweight match e.g. A lightweight beating a heavyweight in the absolute division will not move up the lightweight rankings, but a lightweight beating a lightweight in the absolute division may move up the lightweight rankings.


The Jits Magazine BJJ Rankings aim to reward activity as well as performance and as a result, any competitor who has not had a match under that weight limit in one year will be removed from the ranking and will not be eligible for that division. As soon as they do compete under that weight limit again, they will immediately be eligible for ranking and any past performances will be taken into account.

Opponent Weighting

A simple reporting of a competitor’s record does not indicate their skill level, unless their opponents’ skill levels are taken into account. Wins over other ranked competitors will be judged accordingly, and wins over unranked competitors will have the following weightings applied:

  1. Maximum weighting – An opponent who is ranked in another weight class.
  2. Major weighting – An opponent who was ranked immediately prior to one year or longer of inactivity.
  3. Minor weighting – An opponent who has been ranked at any point in the past, or a former world champion who predates the ranking system.
  4. Minimum weighting – An opponent who has never been ranked in any weight class and has never won a world title.

Win Method Weighting

As the Jits Magazine BJJ Ranking system takes into account a number of different gi and no gi rulesets, there are a number of different win methods available for competitors. Not all win methods are considered equal, so eligible wins will be given additional weight in the rankings based on the following criteria:

  1. Maximum weighting – Submission win in regulation time.
  2. Major weighting – Points win, Golden score win, Submission win in EBI overtime.
  3. Minor weighting – Advantages win, Ride-time win in EBI overtime, Injury win not caused by submission.
  4. Minimum weighting – Decision win.

Titles and Accolades

The most important metric when determining a competitor’s skill level is their performances against their peers, but major titles are impressive accomplishments regardless of the competition beaten. Podium-placements in qualifying events will have an effect on the competitor’s ranking regardless of who they beat to win that title, as follows:


  1. Maximum effectIBJJF World Championship gold medal.
  2. Major effect – IBJJF World Championship silver and bronze medal, IBJJF Major gold medal (Brasileiro, European, and Pan Championship).
  3. Minor effect – IBJJF Major silver and bronze medal (Brasileiro, European, and Pan Championship), Abu Dhabi World Pro gold medal,
  4. Minimum effect – Abu Dhabi World Pro silver and bronze medal.

No Gi

  1. Maximum effect– ADCC World Championship gold medal.
  2. Major effect – ADCC World Championship silver and bronze medal, IBJJF No Gi World Championship gold medal.
  3. Minor effect – ADCC Trials gold medal, IBJJF No Gi World Championship silver and bronze medal.
  4. Minimum effect – ADCC Trials silver and bronze medal, IBJJF No Gi Major gold medal (Brasileiro, European, and Pan Championship).

The Jits Magazine BJJ rankings also appreciate the work done by several major promotions around the world, although their status in the sport is forever changing. As such, competitors winning titles or tournaments on the following major promotions will also receive a minor effect (although this list is continually reviewed and subject to change):

Who’s Number One, Polaris, Eddie Bravo Invitational, BJJ Stars, IBJJF Grand Prix, The Crown, UFC Fight Pass Invitational.


The Jits Magazine BJJ Rankings will be updated every single month on the first of the month. They will not be updated as the month progresses, so any changes due to match results will not be reflected until the end of that month.

Jits Magazine Men's No Gi BJJ Rankings

Jits Magazine Men's Gi BJJ Rankings

Jits Magazine Women's No Gi BJJ Rankings

Jits Magazine Women's Gi BJJ Rankings

# Name Prev. Rank
1 Nathalie Ribeiro 4
2 Anna Rodrigues 2
3 Margot Ciccarelli 3
4 Larissa Campos 6
5 Maria Luiza 5
6 Ariadne de Oliveira 7
7 Beatriz Campos 8
8 Eduarda Lima 9
9 Randryely Souza 10
10 Gabriela Pereira 11
11 Rafaela Rosa 12
12 Andreia Cavalcante 13
13 Vitoria Assis 14
14 Astrid Scholin 15
15 Emily Nicholson NR
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