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Mason Fowler NewsMason Fowler is one of the top American BJJ competitors of his generation and he has appeared at both the ADCC World Championship on several occasions. Fowler originally found martial arts at the age of 18 and was training in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling at Thrive MMA. He started training in the gi shortly after that as well, and eventually made his MMA debut. Fowler retired from MMA after going 6-0 and focused on professional grappling instead, earning his purple and brown belts from Gabriel Procopio. It was after that in 2019 when Mason Fowler moved to the Caio Terra Association to train for the upcoming ADCC Trials, and decided to join there permanently. Since then he has won ADCC Trials twice and enjoyed a long run as the Submission Underground absolute champion.

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