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Read Now! BJJFights

BJJ Fights was created by 2 friends and training partners that just love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Their love for bjj and the competitive spirit kept them on constant look out for new fight videos as they noticed that finding the latest fights and best fights is not always an easy task. They decided to make the effort to make other people like them have a easier time finding the best fights of the latest tournaments in BJJ.

So here is BJJ Fights, a website where you can find all the best brazilian jiu jitsu fight videos to watch. The best part is that everything is here in one place, it’s easy to navigate and it’s updated daily. Anyone can easily search a name of their favorite fighter and find a lot of their fights, you can also navigate fights by categories such as Tournaments,  Weight Divisions, Belt Rank, and Submission; which makes it easy to find exactly the bjj fights you want.

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