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Blogs on the Jits Network

Grappling Weekly

Up to date news about the sport you love.

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Gameness Blog

The good folks at Gameness ponder the jiu jitsu journey.

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100% BJJ and Submission Grappling all the time.

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BJJ Heroes

A comprehensive directory of all of BJJ's top black belts.

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Where you find all the best BJJ fight videos to watch.

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BJJ Scout

Studying the techniques used by top level BJJ competitors.

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OpenMat Radio

Tapping you into grappling culture.

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Verbal Tapcast

Humor + BJJ = Verbal Tap

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The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory

A cerebral look at everything you contemplate in the world of BJJ.

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Defense Soap Blog

The experts in BJJ Hygiene.

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Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Evolving Through the Gentle Art.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu words and pictures.

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BJJ Canvas

Drawing from diverse sources for inspiration.

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Lapel Choke

Daily techniques and BJJ tournament coverage.

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Keep It Playful

Ryron Gracie keeps it playful, on and off the mat.

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Grappler Gourmet

Nutrition. Submission.

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BJJ Rants

Ranting about all topics BJJ.

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Part Time Jitsu

Using BJJ a vehicle for personal development.

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Kid Peligro’s Mat

A blog by Kid with info on ADCC, BJJ, grappling, surfing and more.

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Digging up the best gear and products for men.

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Fast Company

Innovation in technology, leadership and design.

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Gadgets, technology and geek culture.

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Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.

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The best videos of the net, hand-picked.

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Obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets.

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Warrior BJJ

Reviews, techniques and interviews.

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The Last Ronin

Hannah Zeciri's blog on everything BJJ.

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Three Harmonies

The Ground Never Misses.

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Attack the Back

A British based BJJ news and community blog.

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Ojimas Blog

A blog by leading BJJ supplement brand Ojimas.

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