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Review: Kid Peligro’s Guard Passing App

Review: Kid Peligro’s Guard Passing App

Words by Matthew Soroka

Kid Peligro is back with another app for your iphones. After already making three previous apps (Portuguese for BJJ, Secrets of the Closed Guard and BJJ Escapes), Kid now tackles the subject of guard passing, one of the most important in BJJ.

Using the same style and layout as the previous apps, Kid goes over his favorite 19 passes, drills and theories. As always, he goes into great detail on every pass and there are many them that few people know or focus on. The sections are the following:

1. Introduction
2. Rope Drill or Tug-of-War
3. Ranges of the Guard
4. What to Avoid and How to Avoid
5. Posture and Pressure
6. Rickson Pass
7. Terere Pass
8. Terere Pass #2
9. Terere Pass #3
10. Terere Pass #4
11. Royler Guard Pass
12. Passing the Butterfly Guard
13. Passing the Butterfly Guard #2
14. Passing the Butterfly Guard #3
15. Passing the Spider Guard
16. Passing the Spider Guard #2
17. Passing the Spider Guard #3
18. Passing the Spider Guard #4
19. Passing the Guard Theory

The variety of techniques is more than enough to keep anyone busy for years if they want to really add all these to their arsenal. Many of them are based on pressure and slow movement – classic Gracie jiu-jitsu.

I won’t go into a summary of every technique – that will be something for you to explore on your own. However, my favorite of his passes is the third butterfly guard pass. If your hips are sensitive enough, and you have good control of your weight at your hips, it will become very useful. It is also a pass that requires less steps and you are closer to the grown, so it’s hard to lose your balance – the risk is lower.

The techniques Kid shows are both basic and complex, depending on how much you pay attention to the details, just like anything else in jiu-jitsu. So, this app is great for players of all levels. Search it up in the iTunes Store and give it a shot – becoming a good guard passer is worth it.

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