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Get All the Funk out of your Gi

Get All the Funk out of your Gi

Words by Matthew Soroka

So, you think having a smelly gi is part of the BJJ game? Think again. Don’t accept that kind of mentality, not only for your sake, but the sake of your training partners. Training with a putrid smelling gi is the equivalent of picking your nose deeply in public or walking around with your fly way down. Sure, washing it and drying the gi works most of the time, but if you train hard enough, you will see that in some gis, the smell just won’t leave, no matter how many times you wash it.

You think the gi is clean, but the second any moisture kicks in, the beastly odours from within awaken, and you just don’t know what to do. Its not that you smell bad, its just that the bacteria has settled in so deeply that standard washing won’t do the job. Well don’t freak out, here is a unique way you can save your opponent from tapping to a nasal odour attack (although that can be a useful strategy if you’re a completely dirty cheater).

Recipe for a funk-free gi:

1. Put in sink and cover with boiling water
2. Add lemon juice
3. Stir
4. While stirring the fumes may get a little heavy, be prepared…
5. Remove with tongs and freeze
*the freeze part is easy in the winter - just put on the porch or balcony but in the summer you'll need an empty freezer
6. Once fully frozen, thaw and wash as normal

That should do it. We've done it for Gis, towels and clothes.

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