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Five Submission-Only Dream Matches

Five Submission-Only Dream Matches

Words by Matthew Soroka

2012 was an exciting year because of the efforts of pushing ‘sub-only’ tournaments and events. Rose Gracie was busy organizing her Gracie World Tournaments and there was also the first Metamoris event. It is clear that with these rules, a fight will be naturally more exciting to watch especially if we get to witness the following 5 dream matches in 2013.

1. Rodolfo Vieira vs Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’
These two giants have gone at it several times already, but Buchecha’s win over Rodolfo this year at the World Championships was significant since he eliminated the favorite early in the tournament and became the absolute world champion. The match itself is thought to be one of the best of all time and a rematch would treat us all to another explosive match.

2. Caio Terra vs Bruno Malfacine
These guys have been going at it for years, which is great since that just heats up the intensity of all their matches. This year, Malfacine defeated Terra, but very controversially. Another match between the two aces would be great especially if it’s in another Metamoris (assuming there will hopefully be another one in 2013) with submission-only rules. This way, the two champions can settle their rivalry in an absolute fashion.


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