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Fight Travel: guided training trips in Rio

'"Great experience. The trip had everything and more. Wish I had never left." - Marco Parente'

Fight Travel: guided training trips in Rio

Words by Jamie Randal

Fight Travel specializes in taking BJJ and MMA practitioners from all over the world to train in places like Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. In 2013, they are planning on running three trips to Rio de Janeiro for non-Brazilian practitioners to train at some of the top gyms in the world. What makes Fight Travel unique is that it is designed for the BJJ enthusiast that works or studies full time and cannot disappear to train for months on end. Therefore, Fight Travel's two-week Rio trip is already pre-organized so that the guest has very little pre-trip planning to do.

In addition to the great pre-planning, Fight Travel's Rio trips include guides who help the group get around the city safetly and efficiently. Therefore guests do not have to worry about studying maps or learning Portuguese. The trip is designed to be as efficient nd care-free for our guests as possible, while training at the top gyms and exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Lastly, Fight Travel is also a budget trip and is designed to be as cheap as possible while including all the trip necessities. There is a three-instalment payment plan, so guests can plan their trip appropriately andsave the proper funds.

The follow trips dates for 2013 are as follows:

February - Carnaval Special



For full information on their trips, email 

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