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About Jits

Jits Magazine is the #1 Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle quarterly, enjoyed in print & online across the globe.


Jits is predicated on being more than a magazine; our editorial focuses on the culture that surrounds jiu-jitsu and our community, creating timeless pieces that dig deeper and reach further. We like to look at Jits as a collectible lifestyle accessory, a complement to your training/life balance.

JitsTV, our video channel, is a comprehensive and exclusive library of some of the most-watched jiu-jitsu content on the internet and on television. Watch JitsTV and your game will change, simple as that.

Jits is an initiative aimed at continuously helping to develop the world of BJJ. Our team of fantastic journalists, artists, photographers, graphic designers and writers work hard to create content that is not only relevant and memorable, but truly interesting, fresh and exclusive.

The Jits team would like to thank you, the reader / the viewer / the athlete, for giving us the opportunity to share the appreciation of this wonderful art with you. We hope that Jits will continue to enrich the culture and the lifestyle that now surrounds BJJ, and that it will help to connect you to a greater community of like-minded people.

Jits exists to drive jiu-jitsu culture forward.



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